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Towards a fair and safe data-driven future for everyone.

We firmly believe that, in order to enable a fair and safe data-driven future for everyone, we have to make responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) the new standard.

Our Mission.

Within our digital world innovations follow each other in rapid succession, which is no different with Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, the existing focus on its technical aspects is so strong that we sometimes forget their original purpose; serving society. If we don’t actively recognize and resolve AI’s associated risks, we will never be able to safely leverage these powerful technologies and optimize their potential.

Brush AI wants to provide a fair and safe data-driven future for everyone by making responsible AI the new standard. Why? Not only because it decreases risks, but also because we believe that it is the only way to safely progress forwards. Let’s build towards a mindset where data and AI becomes more understandable. Not just for experts, but precisely for those to whom AI is applied.

Who is brush?
lux data eindhoven team machine learning

Max Roeters

Managing Partner

lux data eindhoven team data ethics

Noelle Cicilia

Managing Partner