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About LUX.

About Lux Data Eindhoven

Our perception.

The strategic advantages of data-driven applications have become apparent over the past 10 years. Employing techniques that use large amounts of data have become essential for a sustainable, competitive head start. However, this use of data comes with great responsibility. The continuous pursuit of accuracy throws model upon model, but lacks transparency and control. Doing so, it is not only the understanding of applications that decreases enormously, but also the sustainability of model performance as well as its social acceptance.

Our mission.

We urge that working with data comes with great responsibility. This is why we want to make transparent data-driven applications today’s standard. While computing power is growing, more and more data is used for a variety of purposes. However, the means are surpassing the ends. We must act now, and move the industry’s focus from model accuracy to model transparency in order to really fit data science into society. This progressing has to be done together; only by means of collaboration can we work responsibly on the ecosystem of tomorrow.

About Lux Data Eindhoven

Who are we?

Max Roeters

Managing Director

David Berenstein


Noëlle Cicilia

Data Ethics

Niels Verstappen

Business Development