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More value, less risk

Our expertise empowers you to responsibly unlock greater value from your data. We accomplish this by crafting forward-thinking and human-centered AI solutions that not only foster innovation but also mitigate potential risks.

Our way of working

Brush AI assists businesses in elevating and future-proofing their AI development process. We follow a clear three-step approach, starting with a comprehensive data & AI assessment, followed by the creation of a prototype, and finally, evolving it into a human-centered AI solution

1. AI Kickstart

Deliverable: AI Roadmap

We kickstart the process by hosting workshops and conducting interviews to pinpoint the most valuable and actionable business cases, often referred to as 'quick-wins,' tailored precisely to your unique situation. Simultaneously, we collaborate on developing a practical roadmap to set these initiatives in motion.

2. Prototyping

Deliverable: working prototype

After identifying the most valuable business cases, we collaboratively choose one to transform into an initial prototype. This provides us with an easy way to test if the intended AI solution meets our expectations.

3. Implementatie

Deliverable: Integrated product

Once we've successfully developed and tested a prototype, we can advance it into a scalable AI solution. This solution, as a matter of course, fully aligns with the latest AI regulations and compliance standards.