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We help you get started with AI, responsibly.

High-quality AI demands a lot of time and resources, we know. We are a responsible AI consultancy company and we can help you to get started with AI, in a responsible manner. 

What we offer.

Free consulting hour.

In this one hour sparring meeting we discuss how we can get your organization started with responsible AI. We have a look at the data you have available, what techniques we can apply and how your organization can start translating data to value. 


During the assessment we will take a deep dive in your organization and its data, but most importantly, your strategic business goals. We will set out an executable and completely tailored use case to get your organization started with AI, in a responsible manner.


Are you ready to execute the use-case made during the assessment? Or do you have a plan of action yourself and want us to review and execute it? This the phase where we get our hands dirty and get started with responsible AI!

What makes us.


Start with high-quality AI in a fast and cheap manner. How? Through our accessible tool that can be used by everyone.

About us

Do you want to learn more about our mission and vision? Or do you simply want to meet the team?


Progressing to a safe digital future can only be done together. Therefore, we share as much information as possible.