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What we offer.

No coding knowledge needed.

Currently, implementing AI is challenging, time-consuming and expensive due to the amount of technical skills needed. Our no-code software application does not require any programming knowledge and makes complex concepts simple, while still transforming your domain expertise into valuable insights. The accessible and easy-to-use functionalities enable anyone to start with AI, from making informed data-driven decisions to visualizing key metrics. So don’t let any technological hurdles stop you, and take the next step now.

Verified data quality

Consistency across your digital information is key, as it allows you to combine data and get more value out of it. More data means more context, less uncertainty and better performing analyses. Our application allows you to customize rules at which the data must conform to in order to be able to share it with others, such as colleagues. These functionalities let you determine degrees of data quality, which allow faster and more efficient data aggregation from a variety of sources. Start translating your data to value, all without having to worry about data quality.

Responsible AI

Working with data in a responsible manner requires a great deal of care, especially when the data is of personal or sensitive nature. We are firmly committed to data ethics, and such developed our application through ethics-by-design. Essentially, this means that working responsibly is less complicated when using our tool; some functionalities store additional information such that you can clearly explain which personal data is used for what, while others help you to think about the possible risks involved with your design. Progressing towards a fair and safe digital future can only be done together, so let’s make responsible data-driven decisions today’s standard.